Review: Ain't She Sweet by SEP (Audio Edition)

Without a doubt, Ain't She Sweet? (Kindle Edition) is my favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel. I bought it in print when it first came out then bought it for my Kindle, Now I've bought it for my iPod.

I just sent an Audible gift of this book to my daughter who now has quite a commute each morning since she bought a house some distance from the school where she teaches. What better way to introduce her to the pleasures of audio books?

The Book's Appeal

I'm not only southern, I also write southern humor so I have a special fondness for books about small southern towns -- the characters, the mores, and the delightful southern colloquialisms.

This book is like sitting on a porch with a bunch of women on a hot Sunday afternoon, sipping ice tea, and letting the conversation swirl around me.

Kate Flemming portrays the women of the small Mississippi town perfectly. She's got the right amount of drawl and brings Sugar Beth and the other women to life.

It's a good thing digital recordings don't wear out because I've listened to this one so many times that were it CD, it would be worn thin.

Takeaway Truth

Great book. Great performance. Perfect entertainment.

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