Names of the Full Moon

The full moon has been spectacular lately. Next month, it will really put on a show. Did you know that the full moon in each month has a name? Actually, there's usually more than one name for each month's full moon.

I grabbed an old Farmer's Almanac from my bookshelf to refresh my memory about these names.

January: Moon After Yule or Old Moon

February: Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, or Wolf Moon

March: Sap Moon, Crow Moon, or Lenten Moon

April: Grass Moon or Egg Moon

May: Planting Moon or Milk Moon

June: Rose Moon, Flower Moon, or Strawberry Moon

July:Thunder Moon or Hay Moon

August: Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon

September: Fruit Moon or Harvest Moon

October: Hunter's Moon

November: Frost Moon or Beaver Moon

December: Moon Before Yule or Long Night Moon

Takeaway Truth

I'm sure you recognize some of these full moon names as book titles.

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