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Today's Sponsor: Linn Henderson aka Theda Hudson
Booktrack creates synchronized soundtracks for e-books that "automatically matches music, sound effects and ambient sound to your reading speed to create an immersive reading experience."

These are NOT audio books but an ebook that plays a soundtrack as you read.

I first read about Booktrack's business plan in 2011. Today, I checked back to see if they were up and running. They are, in beta mode. You can click to request a beta user account.

(Read to the end for today's free offer, courtesy of author Theda Hudson aka Linn Henderson.)

The Skinny On Booktrack

Booktrack is funded by investors including, Peter Thiel, co-founder and former CEO of PayPal, and in partnership with the largest publishing houses, best-selling authors, and award-winning composers and musicians -- they're planning on being a new genre of entertainment. You can download Booktracks for your iPhone, iPad, PC and Android tablet here.

If this concept interests you, and it does me, read their FAQ. You can download these ebooks with soundtracks at the iTunes App Store -- search Booktrack. You can also find these special ebooks on the Booktrack website, available for the Windows and Android platforms.

Their Books

They offered The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Speckled Band free in 2011. It was downloaded more than 100,000 times in the first three months, making it one of the most downloaded global eBooks of 2011. Booktrack titles have been downloaded in more than 100 countries. Most of the books are priced low.

Most of their offerings consist of children's stories, classics, and nonfiction with a sprinkle of general fiction titles. The books really are priced low.

Today's Sponsor: Theda Hudson aka Linn Henderson

Although her eBooks are not accompanied by a musical background, today's author sponsor is sure you'll enjoy them anyway.

Today's author writes erotica as Theda Hudson and time travel romance as Linn Henderson, and she is giving away a free copy of either the erotic novel The Pearl Witch by Theda Hudson or the time travel romance The Bee Lady's Amulet by Linn Henderson.

To be eligible to win the book: comment on this post and leave your email addy so you can be contacted if you win. Write out your email addy rather than leaving it as a hot link.

The Pearl Witch

When sex does much more than feel good... Tarin can knock small planes out of the sky with a single orgasm. But can her sex magic stop an alien invasion or win her the sex magician of her heart's desire? Another story pressing erotic boundaries by Theda Hudson, who brought you the lush and and steamy tale, The Taming of Enkidu by Theda Hudson.

The Bee Lady's Amulet

Beware of goddesses bearing gifts -- or job offers. When Melinda Kaibell takes a farewell tour through the archaeological dig where she worked all summer, she meets Askar, a Bronze Age goddess, who tells her she wants Melinda to do a side job for her. The goddess never mentions traveling four thousand years into the past to save the people that worship the goddess, the eruption of Mount Thera that will destroy the Minoan civilization, or that she'll fall in love with a handsome animal magician she can't have.

Takeaway Truth

Books are evolving as new technology is paired with story. Whether that's good or bad is up to you, the reader. What do you think about Booktrack's plan?

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