Website Resource: Decrypt Links

I've got a great website resource for you today: DecryptLinks.

Using DecryptLinks, you'll never make a goof with a shortened URL again.

TinyURL, Bitly, and SmartURL are great for reducing long, complex, prone-to-break links. I use them all the time, but some people are reluctant to click on these links because they're not good for Web security. Hackers and scammers can use short generic links to hide malicious websites and downloads. You won't know the link is unsafe until you click it.

DecryptLinks to the rescue. Just copy and paste the shortened generic URL into the Decrypt box. The site will give you the long version of the URL so you will know where the link is going before you click it.

You can also use the website to check the accuracy of a shortened URL you have created to make sure it's still viable.

Takeaway Truth

It pays to be cautious when clicking links from someone you don't know.

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