Write For Children; Release Your Inner Child

About the only writing I've managed to do, since we started this insane selling a house/buying a house adventure, was a children's book for one of my lovely young relatives -- Mystery of the Stormy Night, a Lilly Bug, Girl Detective, Story.


I decided to write this Chapters Book for Early Readers as a learning experience. I intend to publish print editions of all of my ebooks so this was a great way to learn the process.

I wrote the book a couple of months ago and then tackled the formatting process for CreateSpace, my POD publisher of choice. In between packing and schlepping boxes, I formatted the manuscript; got Adina Mayo, my graphic artist, to design the cover; put the whole package together; and uploaded it.

Yesterday, I had some time to finish the proofing process -- I used their online proof as well as ordering a printed proof. I didn't see any problens so I approved it for sale.

Tell A Friend

I must admit writing for a young reader was a lot of fun. I hope you'll take a look at the books webpage because I'm rather proud of this bit of writing.

I even created a video for Lilly Bug's story. If you have young children or friends and family with young children, share the video with them. I think they'll find it fun. I know the "real" Lilly Bug and her sisters loved it!

Takeaway Truth

Writing Mystery of the Stormy Night was fun and a great escape from reality. I recommend trying this because it will give you a fun perspective on writing a story.

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