I Took Thoreau's Advice & Simplified

After two weeks of doing little but packing, carting boxes to a storage unit, hosting painters and other contractors who did all the little jobs on my "to do" list, I'm back.

I'm also considerably sorer and poorer. All that "sprucing up the house" -- we even had the roof cleaned -- in order to sell it for top dollar doesn't come cheap in terms of dollars or physical energy.

What's Left

All that's left is emptying the closets of all the surplus stuff, carting that to the other house, then calling the realtor to put the house on the market.

For now, I'm trying to get back to work, including working in a streamlined office since most of my files, books, and my desk where I did paperwork are all gone. In fact, much of the detritus of daily living is now in storage. If I can live successfully without all that, I guess it means that I didn't need any of it in the first place.

Now I have 2 weeks to get what's left completed. Then I report for Jury Duty. Like most people, I hate the disruption in my daily routine, but I'm trying to look on doing my civic duty as an opportunity to do firsthand research.

Takeaway Truth

I'm thrilled to be finished with most of step 1 of our move -- getting the house ready to sell. I'll be even more thrilled to start tomorrow in my office and get some actual writing done.

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