Bargain Priced Photographs

If you post photos or illustrations to your blog and website or need photographs for book covers, have I got a deal for you! This deal is great for authors, bloggers, or just anyone who wants quality illustrations and photographs.

Purchase a membership on Big Stock Photo and stock up on the images you need. A monthly membership at regular price if $69.95. For that, you can download 5 images each day, and you can get the X-Large format which is best for rendering on a print book cover. That's at least 150 images each month!

Quality images are expensive. I've used several stock photo sites, and I've paid an average of $50 per image -- for the medium format. I always bought Medium because Large and X-Large formats were too expensive. Since subscribing to Big Stock, I've used them exclusively. Most of the photographers/artists that I like upload their work to all the popular stock sites so it's easy to find excellent work at multiple sites, including Big Stock.

How To Best Take Advantage

The way to make the most of a subscription (you can cancel at any time), is to think of all your image needs for the rest of the year. How many book covers will you need? How many videos do you plan that you need images for? If you need images for websites, chances are you post about similar subjects so make a list of images that would best illustrate those posts.

Takeaway Truth

Big Stock Photo is a bargain if you plan ahead. Sign up today and start saving.

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