Tom Townsend Scores Graphic Novel & Movie Deal

My swashbuckling friend Tom Townsend emailed me with some big news.

Tom is the author of two of my favorite books, Panzer Spirit and Reichbahn Six-Nine. Both books are available only through Tom's website now. They're out of print everywhere else in the world, and I haven't managed to talk Tom into going digital. (I think he's just too busy with his movie equipment company and other, bigger, projects.)

Tom's celebrating his latest big deal. He just signed contracts to develop and script a graphic novel series and animated movie. His advance made me salivate for such a deal. (I keep envisioning a movie deal! Producers, have your people call my people -- that would be me. We'll do lunch!)

I wrote about Tom before when his military show, Military Motor Pool, was picked up by Hulu TV. You've probably seen some of his military vehicles in the movies. Look for them in the upcoming feature Olympus Has Fallen.

Tom's Project

The project is a collaboration with artist, book designer and former Disney animator Rebecca Price who makes her home in Texas. The working title is Moringa, and the main character is an environmental super hero. The producer wishes to remain unanimous at this time. (Probably because said producer doesn't want to be inundated with proposals.

Takeaway Truth

I'm so happy for you, Tom!