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I'd like to give a shout-out to my loyal readers -- especially those who grab a new book when it's out, read quickly, and send me any typos they find.

Experience has shown me that even paid proofreaders don't seem to get it 100% right.

So, thank you, dear readers. You enable me to fix problems asap! Scents and Sensuality went live last week, and I've already uploaded a correct file.

Unfortunately, I think Amazon is the only ebook seller that notifies purchasers that they can download a new file. So I must give Amazon a round of applause for that. I keep hoping that all ebook sellers would adopt that practice.

Amazingly, the Scents and Sensuality is already accepted in Smashwords Premium Catalog, but iTunes may take a while since I've been told they have a backlog. Here's a list of the other booksellers
where it's now available:

All Romance eBooks

Amazon U.S.

B&N U.S.



Takeaway Truth

Thank you for your support!

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