Fun With Graphics

Let have some tech fun creating graphics today. There are a lot of online sites that let you create fun graphics for promotion purposes or just for fun with family and friends.

Today, I'm showing you The Newspaper Clipping project from Fodey. If you click the Fodey link, you'll go to a page where you can create a fun graphic like this newspaper graphic I did on the lower left.

On the Fodey page, in the top right, you'll see links to create these other projects:

a newspaper * ninja text * a clapper board * wizard text * a cigarette packet * talking squirrels, flowers, tomatoes, cats, or owls.

Once you create your graphic image, at the bottom of the image, you'll see: Download Your Image. Just click that and save your file where you want it on your PC.

Takeaway Truth

Loads of fun plus you get an image you can use on your blog, website, or print promotion materials.

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