Rainy Day

Sometimes, I really enjoy a rainy day. This Sunday was such a day. As I drank my morning coffee, I watched slate blue clouds roll in from the north.

Before I finished my first cup of Dunkin Donuts, it was raining. Slow, steady, gentle rain. None of that scary thunder and lightning.

I took my second cup of coffee to the computer. Since my husband was gone today, I spent the day writing and listening to the rain along with Michael Buble on the stereo -- one particular track, You Don't Know Me, over and over. It seems to be the theme song for Scents and Sensuality, the romantic comedy that will publish this week.

Corner Of My Mind

When I looked out the window at the rain, I suddenly remembered the rainy days when my youngest daughter was a toddler. In the summer when it rained, I let her play outside. I had bought her a tiny raincoat, little rubber boots, and a pink umbrella.

On those special rainy days that occurred without thunder and lightning, I'd help her into her rain gear. I'd put on a nylon windbreaker and grab an umbrella, and we'd go outside. The rain was gentle. Just enough to accumulate in puddles.

I'd stay close by and let her stomp in the puddles to her heart's content. Giggling and laughing, she'd do her own version of Singing In The Rain. I guess it's not a surprise that the old Gene Kelly movie  became one of her favorite musicals. She has it on DVD, and she's seen live productions of it in the theater.

Fran Lebowitz said, "Do not, on a rainy day, ask your child what he feels like doing, because I assure you that what he feels like doing, you won't feel like watching."

Takeaway Truth

Oh, she was so wrong. I loved watching Adina then, and I love remembering it now.

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