Book Design Templates

My friend Joel Friedlander has created an amazing resource for indie publishing authors. Whether you're interested in publishing print or ebooks, Book Design Templates offers MS Word templates that will help you easily produce books that look professionally formatted.

Click Book Design Templates and read Joel's post. In his post, he talks about the 32 page report, Book Construction Blueprint, he created and offers for free. This guide is a valuable resource you'll want.

Details: Book Construction Blueprint

Parts of a Book
Chapters and Subheads
Elements of the Book Page
The Title Page
Book Trim Sizes
Pagination Styles
Book Covers, Dust Jackets and Casewrap Books

Takeaway Truth

Get your copy today. Click here to visit Book Design Templates.


  1. Thanks so much, Joan. The templates have been a big hit so far. Just wanted to let your readers know that the post in which I talk about the templates and guides is actually here:

  2. Thanks for that correction, Joel. I've made it in the blog post.