Serenity Prayer for Writers

Reinhold Niebuhr wrote The Serenity Prayer which was printed on plaques, books, cups, and other items a few decades ago. That little piece of writing has helped people endure everything from the daily grind to the desire for a shot of booze

A few years ago I took the thought of Niebuhr's Serenity Prayer and created my own Serenity Prayer For Writers. I usually print it on cards and send to writing friends. I also share it with online friends like you.

Perhaps this bit of wisdom will help you in the New Year when faced with bumps along the writing road or the road that runs through your personal life.

A Serenity Prayer for Writers © 2006 by Joan Reeves

God grant me the Serenity to accept rejection of manuscripts and the lagging sales of books over which I've sweated blood and wept tears; the Courage to revise and try again; and the Wisdom to know the difference between those that might fetch contracts and sales and those that need to be mourned, buried, and forgotten. Amen

Takeaway Truth

Let's ROCK 2013 and use each day effectively. Write hard. Live free.rtrt5r

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