Warning: Crazy People Can Find You

Talk about fear factor. This is at the top of my list!

GPS Tracking

Did you hear about the literary agent who was stalked by a disgruntled writer she rejected? She Tweeted about it to warn others. The disgruntled writer found her, she thinks using Foursquare and/or Twitter. Police were involved. Fortunately, she escaped unscathed physically.

Take heed. If you are one of those who has location tracking enabled on your toys, you need to be aware that someone you don't want finding you has the ability to do so, quickly and easily.

There are many lovely gadgets that let the world know where you are! There are so many ways for someone to find you -- the physical you, not your online persona -- so be careful.

Apps That Use GPS Tracking

The list is huge. Some of the more common ones you might be using are these.

Foursquare -- that social network that let's you check in with your location. They call it: "Get personalized recommendations and deals based on the places you and your friends like." In actuality, it's a huge GPS locator.

Twitter and Facebook -- same thing, especially if you're using it on your phone. You have to go in and turn off the locator.

Your cell phone -- same thing. Check your settings and set it up so it must ask permission before permitting any app like FB or Twitter to use your location.

Takeaway Truth

Be aware and be cautious. I had a cop tell me one time that there was no such thing as being too paranoid when it came to personal safety.

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