Tip About Your Book Links

If you sell books on Amazon and Nook, you know the URL to your book page is one long, mind-boggling link.

Here's a short reminder about what's important about the URL and what you can delete because it's nonessential. That way if you post your Amazon link on a list to request Tweets or Likes, it won't get broken. Also, if you're posting your link into a form, it's much easier to do without worrying the link may break.

I'll use my own book links to illustrate.


If you go to my author page on Amazon, you can click any of my titles. If you click Old Enough To Know Better, you get this link:


Of all that, this is the only part that's essential:


The rest of this:


can be deleted.

Try It

When you're on your book page, just highlight the URL at the top. Delete everything from the end to the Product ID# then hit enter. If you did it right, the page refreshes and you're still right there at your book page.


The same is true of Nook. Here's Old Enough To Know Better with all the stuff:


Delete the excess and you get this URL:

Shorten Links Further

Now, take the stripped down link and shorten it further if you need to using TinyURL or Bitly or any of those apps.

Takeaway Truth

Always make it easy for friends to pass on your book links and for you to send them on without worrying about the link breaking.

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  1. I knew there was a way to get a shorter link but I didn't know how. Thank you.