Random: Sale, Creativity, Wind Map, Anagrams

Happy Friday! Here are some links to entertain, educate, and, in some instances, help you get the most from your weekend.

Win-Win Sale

If you're a subscriber on Audible -- and you should be since the intro offer is $7.95 a month with no obligation -- you can take advantage of the Audio Books are on sale thru Sept. 18 for only $4.95 each!

How Creativity Works

Great video that educates and entertains. It may also make you look at your own imagination in a different way.

Wind Map

This is just plain fascinating. Shows the wind currents across the country.

Anagram Server

Anagram: word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. Anagrams are fun. Manna Argues Far. Fauna Nears Gram.

Joan Reeves writes. Sweaters Jeer Vino. Senators Were Jive.Well, you get the picture. Have fun with your kids with the Anagram Server.

Takeaway Truth

Have a great weekend.

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