Buying from iStockPhoto

Here's a quick tip about buying graphic images for your blog or as a design element in book covers.

iStockPhoto is now offering the option of buying images using your credit card on the spot. No longer do you have to go through the process of buying credits then purchasing your image using the credits.

Just choose the Shopping Cart Checkout Option each time you want to buy photos, illustrations, videos or music tracks this way. Select a file, click "Add to Cart," and check out using your credit card.

If you have a balance of credits, or you just like using them, you can still do it that way. Credits are good for a year after you purchase them. Plus, they're still the quickest, easiest option if you're downloading a lot of files often.The Shopping Cart Option is better if you just do content every now and then.

Takeaway Truth

This is the second royalty-free image content site that I've seen do this. For new users, it certainly takes some of the headache out of purchasing images.

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