Review: Blood Sport by Judith E. French

Recently I read Blood Sport by Judith E. French. This was my first suspense novel by Ms. French. I've read many of her romance novels. This book was quite a departure from her work in the romance genre, but she pulled it off as adeptly as a master criminal in a caper flick movie.

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About The Book

The story of serial killer hunter Jillian Maxwell is filled with taut suspense and peopled with well-drawn characters. It's creepy and spooky and will make you wish you weren't reading it at night, alone, in a darkened room. It's all about the human monsters that we suspect travel the highways and byways of life. As you read, you keep rooting for the victims, hoping some hero rides to their rescue.

If you've ever watched any of the documentaries about serial killers, you'll recognize that Ms. French did her research. If you're addicted to the ID cable channel, you'll realize the story about these evil killers is spot on.

Thumbs Up: Get The Book

There are only a couple of instances in which I think Agent Maxwell acted against her characterization, but I'll leave that for you to judge. All in all, this is a top notch thriller that should please any fan of the genre. The sub-plot of a blossoming romance is believable and doesn't detract from the suspense at all.

This book has been out a while, but it has only 1 review in which it was panned for format errors. That was the fault of the publisher who put the book up, not the author. I didn't encounter the same errors the previous reviewer noted, so I suspect that the publisher had someone try to correct the errors. The errors that were present in the Kindle edition I read did not prevent me from enjoying the book. Don't let it deter you either because the book is well-done.

Takeaway Truth

Read Blood Sport by Judith E. French, and you'll be hooked by the author's skillful plotting and characterization.

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