"Hair's" Looking At You, Kid

One of my favorite musicals of all time was the irreverent rock musical Hair. Performed for the first time in 1967, it finally made it to the big screen in 1979, but, by that time, the country had changed. Disco had pushed rock aside; hippies were on their way out. Wall Street greed was sneaking in the back door.

I know every verse of that song in the musical that I call a love anthem about hair. If you're familiar with the musical, you know the one that talks about "... gleaming, steaming, flaxen...."

Why, you're probably wondering, am I talking about hair?

Probably because I was thinking about getting some new photos made. I use an old one on just about everything. The only problem with photos though is that I change my hair style about every six months. So you wouldn't recognize me anyway by my photo. I'm simply not one of those women who wears the same hairstyle their entire life. I like change.

I was thinking about all this today because I made an appointment to get it cut. I've been wearing it rather long for about a year -- a world record for me. Usually, I cut it short and decide I really want to grow it long. It gets long, and I wonder why I thought that was a good idea so I cut it short again.

That's what happened today. Hot weather and long hair just don't make for a good marriage in Texas. Whack. Now it's short again. But not too short. You know? I really like it. No regret at all.

Takeaway Truth

To paraphrase some very wise, but anonymous, person: "Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair style you like."

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