Battle of the Browsers

I've always used Firefox for my browser, but with the last upgrade they did, I had major problems. I was locked out of some of my apps and links. After some digging around, I discovered a simple solution. The upgrade had changed my View option to Full Screen which locked out the Toolbar and a host of other things.

Since I never use Full Screen, I was stumped as to what to do. I spent a couple of hours browsing help forums and finally figured out the problem. Simple fix, but the time wasted was something I could ill afford to lose.

Easy Solution, But Still In A Snit

Thoroughly disgruntled at Firefox and the whole situation, I rebelled and downloaded Google's Chrome. I had resisted adding another browser, but I thought the time had come to explore my options. For once, I wasn't disappointed.

Chrome seems to move much faster in loading apps than Firefox which has slowed over time. I find Firefox still faster than Internet Explorer which I don't use unless I absolutely must. Interested in Chrome, I decided to do some research and see how a tech analysis would rate it compared to the other browsers.


I found Browser Wars, an article in PC Magazine, was a coherent and easily understandable analysis of the major browsers. I think you'll find the article which compares Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome interesting too. Some of the lesser known browsers are discussed, and a handy comparison chart is given.

Takeaway Truth

We all resist change, but, often, when we bite the bullet and try something new, we find it's an improvement, or, at the very least, another good tool to have at our disposal.


  1. As a website developer, I find myself having at least three browsers running at any given moment. I especially love Chrome for its streamlined interface, though the newer versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox are just as competent.

  2. Which upgrade of Firefox forced you into the full screen?

    I'm discovering the same thing. Firefox and IE9 stopped running an app I absolutely needed.

    Chrome is the only reliable browser now, but I hate having to switch browsers for this project or that. I have a dozen window open at any one time. I don't need more browsers too.

  3. Michael Abayomi ... Interesting, Michael. I'm finding Chrome faster so far, and I timed each with a stopwatch. *g* I think next I'm going to fiber optic for internet to speed things up even more.

  4. Maria Zannini ... Hi, Maria. Whatever the latest FF version was what stole a couple of hours from my working life.

    I'm liking Chrome.

  5. I despise Chrome's EULA, which is restrictive to the user and data-grabbing in the extreme. May I humbly suggest Chromium? It is 99% compatible with Chrome and available for Linux, Windows, OS X, ChromeOS, Android and iOS. You can get it here: