8 Ways NOT To Write A Book

I'm cranky today, and I'm sharing it with you.

8 Ways NOT To Write A Book

1. Twitter

2. Facebook

3. Email

4. Pinterest

5.Volunteering to Guest Blog, judge a contest, etc.

6. Telling your friends and family: "Sure, you can come visit a week or so" – and they all take you up on your invitation.

7. Scheduling contractors to work in your house rather than wait until the book's finished because you're tired of the non-working lights in the bathroom and other issues.

8. Doing stupid stuff like planting 32 shrubs because you bought them (foolishly thinking you'd have the book finished by now! -- and they'll die in the heat if you don't get them in the ground so you end up at the chiropractor and massage therapist every week thereafter while they work to make the agony in your back go away so you can sit at the computer again. Not that I'm confessing to this stupidity but....

Takeaway Truth

Writing a book takes focus. If you are missing your self-imposed deadlines, maybe you need to prioritize your time, back away from some things, and make better decisions – as I've been forced to do.

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  1. How true! Going through that, except for the shrubs.