Rules of Engagement

Tonight I'm speaking at Houston Bay Area Romance Writers of America. My topic is the title of this blog post.

I'll be talking about what writers should know when charging the ramparts of self-publishing. Being a self-publisher is akin to warfare in some respects. He/she who isn't armed with the right weapons is toast. That idea is the genesis of the Rules of Engagement title.

Once Upon A Time

Once a publishing company's staff handled all the functions of getting a book to market and making sure that book sold, and agents handled the authorial business end. At least, that's how it was all supposed to work. For A list authors, it worked great. Beyond that, you were pretty much at the mercy of fate.

Today's Scene

In today's indie world, you do it all. Some writers though don't go the extra mile. I'll cover ISBN, Copyright, Seller Exclusives, Sub-rights deals, and more.

If you're in the Houston area, you're welcome to visit tonight's meeting of Houston Bay Area RWA. The meeting starts at 7:15 and is in the Kirkmont MUD Building, 10102 Blackhawk. This is a great writing group if you're looking for like-minded writers who strive to be career professionals.

Takeaway Truth

I'm including the content of this presentation in my new nonfiction, Ebook Success.


  1. It was a great workshop, Joan. Well done!!!

  2. Thanks, AnneMarie. Great seeing you. We need to get together every now and then.