Review: Unbreak My Heart by Helen Scott Taylor

One of my favorite songs is Unbreak My Heart by the remarkable Toni Braxton. Naturally, when I saw that title on a romance novel, I had to grab it.

I just finished reading Unbreak My Heart by Helen Scott Taylor. The lovely cover of this book is perfect for this sweet romance of unrequited love.

I mean, is there anything that burns as hot and as long as unrequited love? I think not. I've explored that theme in several novels I've written.

Ms. Taylor brings emotional depth to the unfulfilled love between Kate Frost and Andre Le Court, who is the kind of hero every woman wants to find. I've read several romances by Helen Scott Taylor, and I have to say she creates a really good hero who is always more than a pretty face.

Throw in a cute little baby, and you get a romance that's irresistible. This emotional journey of these two lovers is more than meets the eye, and each must grow and change to have a shot at a happily ever after.

Takeaway Truth

If you like sweet romance filled with emotion and charming characters, you'll savor this novel. (By the way, listen to the song to get you in the mood. You'll love Toni Braxton's rendition too.)


  1. Thanks for the lovely review. I'm so pleased you liked the book.

  2. Why you are welcome! My darling husband spent the last 2 days golfing. I sat on the porch and read. Lovely way to spend our holiday weekend.