Readers Guide to Unfamiliar Literature

Do you know about DebbiesIdea? This is a website created by a reader to help other readers find new authors. What a fabulous idea for readers and writers!

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Tagline Says It All

What to Read First: A Reader's Guide to Unfamiliar Literature. This website may be a great place to gain some free exposure.

If you just want to find new authors, you don't need to register. However, if you want to post a comment or make a recommendation about which book to read first, or to add to their database, then you do need to register.

Most of the authors listed on the site are traditionally published, but I didn't see any prohibition against indie authors so I registered. It's free. After you confirm registration, you can add data to the site. I added myself as an author. Here's my listing so you can see what a listing on the site looks like.

Promote This Worthwhile Site

If you sign up, be sure and promote the site because it's really a good idea in action. I plan to promote the site and my page via my blog and in emails to readers. I'll also put it on a business card to drop in those "win a lunch" goldfish bowls in local restaurants. There are a lot of ways you can utilize this listing. I think it's a worthwhile site and another place to gain some free exposure.

More Info helps you decide which of an author's books to read first. (I have series, and I get emails about which to read first so this is a good site to list your series books especially.) is a free, noncommercial public service created by people who love books. Here, you can get help deciding which book to read first by an author you haven't read before OR can help another reader by recommending where to start reading a writer whose work you know well.

Additionally, you can SEARCH for a specific author you are curious about reading or wish to recommend, BROWSE a list of AUTHORS to get ideas about what to read next, or BROWSE by GENRE to find books in a style you enjoy.

Marketing Theory

Writers who promote know that conventional marketing wisdom says someone must see or hear a name at least 9 times before the name is remembered. In today's world where there are so many people, media, and products vying for a customer's attention and money, it may take more than 9 times before a name makes an impact on someone's consciousness.

There are few credible, effective ways to advertise for free so always try different venues to see if they help you in name recognition and/or sales. This website may be one of the ways that can help, plus, it does a service to readers in helping them find new authors to read.

Takeaway Truth

The more places that display your name; the better your chance of being remembered when a reader is shopping for a book.

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