Promised Stats On First Ebook

I'm overwhelmed with tax season. I hate leaving it to the last weeks before the deadline, but I had no choice this year.

Last week when I was celebrating the one year anniversary of publishing my first ebook, I promised to post stats for those who are curious. So here's a quick look at sales stats on my first ebook Just One Look.


I haven't added sales at the other outlets, only Kindle, but I'm very pleased with what I found in looking back over the year.

The book went live March 27 and was available for sale on that day on Kindle only.

The lowest number of copies sold in any month was that first month of March with 54 sales logged in those 4 days.

The highest number of copies sold in any month was 13,835 in June.

All total, in 2011, I sold 41,554 copies through Kindle. This book was part of my 3 book contract with French publisher Bragelonne for World French Rights for Print and Ebook. The print edition of the French translation will be out this year.

To my relief, this book continues to sell well as do my other books. By the way, I'd love to sell movie rights to this book. Any producers out there? *G* Email me and I'll put you in touch with my rights agent. She'd be thrilled.

Now if I can get my tax finished, I can get my latest book published to bring my total books to 9--8 romantic comedies and 1 nonfiction. (Oh, and I have a book that's just begging to be written! Sometimes I'd like to clone me.)

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes a little step into the unknown can bring great rewards. Be encouraged to take that step.


  1. I've watched my Amazon numbers rise steadily. However, I took a chance with a program called Nook First and published a new book (#3 in a series that wasn't doing much at Amazon) exclusively at Barnes & Noble for 30 days.

    Sales skyrocketed. I've posted results of the first week at my blog. (Scroll to Monday's post)

    Terry's Place

  2. Hey, Terry. Thanks for the heads up about your blogpost. Inquiring minds want to know. *g*

    I've heard some good things about Nook First.

  3. Congratulations on 40K plus sales on a single title!