Best Job In The World

Today I'm celebrating another milestone. My second romantic comedy The Trouble With Love was published a year ago on April 16.


I sold a shorter version of this story, and it was published in 2009 and 2010 as a serialized romance novel on Romantic4Ever. However, I loved the characters so much, particularly the secondary characters, that I wanted to expand the story.

I did that and gave the heroine's mother Rory her own love story within the book. I've received as much email from readers about Rory's love story as I have about Susannah and Hogan's romance.

The Trouble With Love spent some time on the Kindle Top 100 Paid list last summer, and it continues to sell at all the ebook sellers.

The Future

The second book in that series Romeo and Judy Anne is also available. In this book, Judy Anne Palmer, Susannah's cousin, makes her debut.

I'm happy that the first book, now a year old was a success--so was the second book--because that means I'll revisit fictional Alton County, Texas, for books 3 and 4 of the Texas One Night Stands series.

This summer, I'll be publishing the third book in the series, Forever Starts Tonight. This book stars Allison Platt who was introduced in The Trouble With Love as Hogan's cousin.

In The Trouble With Love, Allison described her early marriage and divorce as a typical case of being "young and stupid. She was young; he was stupid." That's all I'll say now about the book. I'm having a great time writing Allison's story.

Takeaway Truth

I've got the best job in the whole world.

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  1. FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT is another great Joan Reeves title. Can't wait to read it.