Publish Review On Amazon

Consider today's post like a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for readers and writers.

Since good reviews are considered to be a valuable component of an author's success, I like to post this article once a year on how to publish a review on Amazon. Also, Amazon is always tweaking their various processes so some things have changed since the last time I posted this.

Why Bother

Some of you may wonder why anyone would go to the bother of writing and posting reviews on Amazon or anywhere else. There are several reasons people do this. Sometimes someone may have a specific, individual reason for publishing a review, but, for the most part, the ones below usually comprise the main reasons.

1. The desire to tell others how great something is. You praise a book, movie, album, product, etc. that deserves it just because you like it so much that you want to tell others about it.

2. If you're an avid reader, posting reviews helps you belong to the community of people who love reading.

3. If you're an author, doing something like this is a means of self-promotion, if done correctly, and not obnoxiously. You publish in order to get your name out on the Internet for the purpose of growing "name recognition."

4. It's fun to tell other people about good products, whether that's a print or digital book.

How To Post An Amazon Review

Posting or publishing a review on Amazon is really quite simple. Anyone can do it.

1. Locate The Item

On Amazon, find the item you want to review by using the Search function for the specific category. Click on the item when you see it.

2. Button: Create Your Own Review

Scroll down that book's page until you find those words and click them. A new page opens.

3. New Page: Create Your Review

On this page, 3 items are listed: 1. How do you rate this item?" (Click on the number of stars you wish to give it.). 2. Enter a title for your review. 3. Select a review type. (Either video or written.) Select the review type of your choice and start creating it. Written reviews need to be at least 20 words. ew type, either Video or Written. Select one and start creating it.

4. Label Review

Here you'll find a box that can be checked: "Label this review so customers know you purchased this item at Amazon."

When you finish creating your review, click preview.

5. Preview/Publish

Look your review over. If you want to make changes, click Edit. If you're satisfied with it, click Publish.

After you click publish, there are options that allow you to check to share on Facebook or Twitter.

If you decide to write reviews, don't hide behind anonymity and use the review procedure as a way to insult or slam someone. If you have a personal agenda against the author, take it up with the author. A review isn't a forum to air personal grievances or attack someone. Insults and personal attacks are not reviews.

Takeaway Truth

When writing reviews, be honest, but try to be kind if you have critical comments. No one sets out to create a bad product so give the creator the benefit of the doubt.


  1. Joan, these are the nice reviews, or good honest reviews.

    What about the nasty reviews posted by readers who have their own agenda and are determined to destroy an author by giving a one or two stars with a "don't buy" note? Or worse those who deliberately report the ending in a twisted way to discourage any reader from buying the book?

  2. I blogged about bad reviews a few months ago. Unfortunately, one rotten apple does taint the whole barrel, but there's nothing anyone can do to stop people determined to do damage.