History of Cinderella

Recently, as a guest blogger on LaBelle Books, I wrote about the Cinderella Myth which continues to be one of the most popular folktales in the world.

Cinderella Tales has different versions of the story. You may be surprised to find the Cinderella story not only in European countries but also in India, Vietnam, and Africa.

Not Just Kids

Lest you think that only girls are interested in Cinderella, I want to mention the Cinderella Project at the University of Southern Mississippi. This is only one of many such projects.

If you want to learn more, there's a collection of Cinderella stories that might interest you. An online search will give you more hits than you have time to pursue them. I particularly like the Cinderella book cover gallery at SurLaLune Fair Tales.

A Millennium Later

Nearly 1200 years later, and Cinderella is still having her story told. Don't let the title of my romantic comedy, Nobody's Cinderella (Book 1 of San Antone Two-Step), fool you. It's still a Cinderella story with heroine Darcy Benton wishing on a star instead of to her fairy godmother for the prince she wants. In this case, the prince is Chase Whitaker, owner of an oil exploration/production company.

The Shoes Have It

I knew, as I prepared the book to publish, that I wanted some pretty, sexy shoes as the cover art. After all, what is Cinderella without a pair of knock 'em dead shoes?

Most stories don't show Cinderella and her prince living happily ever after. Of course, I plan to show that they do in Cinderella Blue, Book 2 of San Antone Two-Step, which stars Darcy's brother Bruce.

Takeaway Truth

Personally, I like to see love validated in sequels.

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