I guess my theme today is moving since that's what we've been doing all weekend. Packing up our daughter's "stuff" that's stored at our Hill Country home so the large pieces can be picked up next weekend.

We loaded up 2 vehicles with smaller items and took them home. Once there we realized we needed to make another trip up there to shrink the stack of boxes.

That's what I did today. Tomorrow, I'll drive home with the car filled to brimming. Then next weekend the moving truck with a bunch of strong men will show up to empty all the stuff that is being housed in the garage.

Moving & Change

Gee, is there anything better than moving? Well, yes, about a billion other activities rank above moving in my book. Moving is change, and life is nothing, if not change.

Billy Crystal said, "Change is such hard work." I know he was talking about personal change which must be on a par with changing homes.

Takeaway Truth

Change is hard work? So is moving. I'm ready for this to be over.


  1. Moving is the worst thing. I just did a five hundred mile move eight months ago. My mom and I moved the fridge, the antique furniture, everything by ourselves. I am weirdly strong for my size, but by the end of it all, I was in so much pain. My feet hurt for months.

    Good luck, though. At least you've got movers.

  2. Olene Quinn said ... I am weirdly strong for my size...

    You know, so am I! Isn't that odd. I'm petite, but I'm like an ant. I'm much stronger than most people would think.