Makeover Your Blog

Every year, I like to begin the New Year with some advice about how to spruce up your blog.

I'm always tweaking mine, but most people don't. As this new year begins, take a good look at your websites to see if you can make them more appealing.

Here are some websites where you can obtain great free templates to enhance your blog's appearance.

Blogger aka Blogspot

Tutorials by Jennifer Apple offers some really good Tips For Blog Templates & Blog Design using PhotoShop.

Best Free Blog Widgets

Shop for a new theme or template. There are thousands of free templates available. Here are a few sources:


Free Blogger Templates


Blogger Blog

Wordpress Blogs

Free Theme Layouts has some stunning themes.

Free Wordpress Themes has 301 templates.

Clone 24 offers a huge selection with a category search in the right sidebar.

Don't limit your imagination to these few websites. Do a search for free blogger templates or free wordpress templates or substitute the word themes for templates. You'll find a dizzying array of choices and most are free. Also, many Wordpress themes have been bloggerized so you can look for those as well.

Takeaway Truth

The New Year brings change so why not make some changes that will enhance your blog?

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