SimpleNote: EZ Note App

I love free apps--especially when they work well and make my life easier. Note apps fit that description.

I use Flashnote on my home PC and my laptop. I've got them organized by folder. For instance, I have one "Book URLs" where I have all my book URLs at the various ebook sellers. If I need to quickly copy the link to The Trouble With Love on Amazon, it's right there on the desktop.

Flashnote is a quick notes manager that can be used any time during the work process without fear of damaging important data. It always saves what you input without having to click save or anything. Hit ESC and it hides. I recommend it to everyone, but it's only for Windows.

If you need one to work with Mac (and Windows) and one which will also sync with your mobile applications, try Simplenote.

10 Reasons To Use Simplenote

1. Access your notes everywhere because it syns with your mobile device, your computer, and any modern web browser.

2. Automatic and secure.

3. Access multiple backups of your notes by dragging version slider to go back in time.

4. Tag your notes so you can browse them as folders.

5. Search just by typing whatever you're looking for, and your list updates instantly.

6. Plenty of free storage for your notes.

7. Simplenote is an open platform. People are building lots of cool things you can use to extend your experience.

8. Minimal, relevant ads that don't suck on the free version. Premium subscribers can disable ads.

9. Security because notes are encrypted when they synchronize.

10. It's free!

Takeaway Truth

Signup and try the free version today. It will make your life easier.


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  2. Thanks for the great tip! I just downloaded Simplenote on my laptop and on my iPhone and started using it immediately. It's really slick.

    - Kristin