Happy Thanksgiving

Giving thanks today for all these blessings.

My wonderful husband who supports me in every way and puts up with my crazy career and puts up with my frequent flights of fancy when my brain is completely full of fictional people.

My absolutely delightful children and their spouses and kids. I love you all.

My daughter who is able to walk again, and had no surgeries this year, and the wonderful young man she will marry in the spring next year. Love you two--too.

Brothers and spouses and kids, oh my! Cousins and families and brother-in-law and wife too. Hugs and kisses to all.

Friends--writers and civilians as well as those who have helped me this last year by featuring me and/or my books on their websites. Thank you so much!

The people who developed inexpensive, user-friendly ebook reading devices. These created the growing ebook publishing industry. You guys rock! Thank you!

My excellent rights agent who helped negotiate a fabulous contract about which I'll be saying a great deal more when I get the counter-signed contracts, and it's all official. Thanks, Lauren.

The wonderful readers who buy my books. The readers who email to tell me how much they love my stories. The readers who take the time to leave 5 star reviews. Thank you so much! I am humbled and grateful!

The people who read this blog. The people who subscribe to my newsletters. The people who "buy me a cup of coffee" by donating to my blog. The people who subscribe to the Kindle edition of this blog. Thank you so much! Again, I am humbled and grateful.

Good health for me and all my loved ones. Living in this country with all its opportunity and freedom of choice. Success at my chosen career. Last, but not least, the wonderful feast we all had today, and the fact that we have an abundance of food and clean water--unlike many countries in the world.

Take time before the day closes to tell those you love how much they mean to you. Also, make a donation to an organization that works for hunger relief and/or provides clean water.

Action Against Hunger is a world hunger relief organization that receives an A rating from the watchdog website operated by American Philanthropy -- Charity Watch. I always check out charities there before donating because I want my money to go for the stated purpose not for expense account lunches and employee bonuses.

(This is why I no longer donate to the most popular name-brand charities that constantly are soliciting donations. Get in the habit of checking with Charity Watch before you make any donation. Action Against Hunger helps those recovering from earthquakes and other natural disasters as well as to provide food and water in so many countries that need help.

It's easy to donate to Action Against Hunger. I just did so--and tweeted it. You don't have to register to donate. If you don't want to donate one of the pre-selected amounts showing, just fill in Other and what you can give. They're a secure website and BBB certified.

You filled your belly today. Now, help someone else in the world have a meal too.

Takeaway Truth

Even on your worst day, chances are you have many things for which to give thanks. Get in the habit of doing this. You'll be surprised how it takes away the cranky. You may also realize, especially if you live in the U. S., that your life is pretty darn good.

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