Real Life & Retail Therapy

Real life intrudes--thank goodness because I needed a break.

I spent Friday cleaning house. Here's a true confession--as opposed to a false one, I guess: I normally pick up clutter on a daily basis and clean the floors in the rooms we use.

However, I don't clean the whole house, as my mother defined cleaning, unless I finish a book or company comes. I hate to say I haven't finished this latest ebook yet, but I had company arriving Friday. So I cleaned.

This morning all the menfolk departed in a manly pickup truck to take plants to our house in the Hill Country. We womenfolk are going shopping, lunching, and all around goofing off.

Hurray, I need some company and some retail therapy. Hope y'all have a happy Saturday too!

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes you have to replenish the creative well with real life experiences and socializing with people.

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