How Bad Do You Want It?

We're at our home in the Hill Country. We've been looking forward to a week of vacation up here. I was going to spend the week finishing my work in progress OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER. Larry was going to play golf every day.

Guess what I'm doing instead of writing. Packing up photographs, albums, and other mementos which we'd brought up here because the family gathers here for special weekends.

A wildfire is burning less than 4 miles from us. It started late Sunday when a dead tree limb (victim of the drought along with thousands of other trees in the state) fell on a power pole and knocked it to the ground. Sparks from it started a fire.

We heard about it from a friend up here when we arrived last night. We sat on the porch and couldn't smell smoke or anything. This morning we got up to not just smell smoke but see it everywhere. My heart is heavy at the thought we might lose all this, but I guess that's why we have insurance.

Minor Consideration

It's a minor consideration that I'm beginning to think that this book will never get finished. Every time I'm on a roll with it, something happens. It's been this way since May when I went to Louisiana because of flood waters threatening my brother's farm.

Thousands of acres had burned at last report yesterday. Fifteen homes have been lost so far. People have been evacuated. We're waiting to hear if we have to go. No lives have been lost yet, and I hope it stays that way.

However, I know that's just the way it is sometimes. Almost as if it's the universe's way of asking how strong is your will to persist. How deep is your determination?

How bad do you want it?

At this moment, all I want is for that fire to be suppressed--no more homes lost, no lives lost.

Takeaway Truth

As everyone up here has been saying for month: "Pray for rain."


  1. Oh, Joan ... How difficult all this is and in the wake of everything else that has happened over your summer. And that is the question: How bad do we want it? Will we persist no matter what? But I wish I had a fairy wand to bring rain, to bring peace to you and all who are similarly effected. Adding my prayers to yours.

  2. Good luck, Joan. You'll finish the book when it's time to finish the book. It's time to deal with a fire at the moment. Stay safe.

  3. Barbara Sissel ... Our state has just been devastated by this drought. What was once so lush and green is gray and dead.

  4. Joan, screw everything else. You and Larry need to stay safe. The writing will get done when it gets done.

  5. Stephen T. Harper ... Thanks! We all need all the luck we can get. I'm not even concerned about the book at this point. It will get done when it's done.

    We took an ice chest filled with wet cloths, iced down, and a case of water to the fire station. The firefighters are exhausted and need all the help and assistance we can give.

    Last night, they were reporting 30-40% containment. Now, it's down to 15%. Terrible news.

    A church and 15 homes lost so far. Ten firefighters were trapped in a truck by burning trees falling around them. They managed to escape with one firefighter getting burned on his arms. These men are heroes.

    Forest service plane has been flying over. We're on standby for evac.

    Life is full of sucker punches. I guess you either get very good at rolling with them or you get flattened like a Play-Doh under a steam roller.

  6. These Texas fires are just heartbreaking. At least the winds have died down. I am so hoping you don't get evacuated, don't lose anything.

  7. Be safe, Joan.

    I'm praying for rain. Lots of rain!!!