Help To Delete Accounts

Account Killer is a website whose time has come. It helps you delete all those online accounts you don't use any more.

Just about every website that offers a service asks you to create an account. We merrily traipse through the internet creating accounts here and there. After a while, we end up with more accounts than we can possibly manage.

If you don't use those accounts regularly, it's a good idea to delete them because if a site gets hacked, your registration data is at risk.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's hard to figure out how to delete an online account. I know I've spent as much as an hour wading through TofS, FAQs, and Site Maps looking for those instructions.

AccountKiller has directions on how to close accounts for dozens of online services. They even have a search box, if you need something more esoteric than instructions for closing Facebook, or any of the other popular apps.

You might find it interesting to read their ease of cancellation ratings for websites. In fact, you might want to check it before you sign up for something. That way if you want out, you'll know whether it will take an act of God to get the account deleted. In some cases, it might be better just to pass them by without registering.

Takeaway Truth

Be wary where you spread your private data. Sometimes, it's hard to get it removed.

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