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Today, I started something new on SlingWords--a subscription newsletter called Writing Hacks.

Look over at the top of the right sidebar and see that label that reads: FREE Newsletter. Below that, you'll see a hyperlink entitled "Writing Hacks by Joan Reeves."

Click that, and it will take you to a signup form for a free newsletter to be delivered by email about once a week. At this time I'm thinking I'll mail it out on Wednesday each week to see how that works for everyone.

Every little newsletter will have a tip, trick, shortcut, method, or explanation about how to accomplish some aspect of writing, reading, or books. Of course, I'll probably emphasize ebooks since that's what occupies most of my time.

When you signup, you can select whether you want to be categorized as a writer only, a reader only, or both. I'll use this information to customize Writing Hacks and to launch another newsletter that's in the design stage right now as well as to customize the mailing list to send special offers based on the information you supply. I have a lot of things on the launch pad.

Update Preferences

I've been playing with the hyperlink and the newsletter app for a couple of days. I put it on the blog just to see if it worked, and people started signing up.

If you signed up before today at 6 PM CDT, you may want to go back and update your preferences since I didn't get everything finalized until shortly before the first issue went out. Of course, you can always change your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

I follow all anti-spam laws plus you have my word that I will NEVER share or sell your email address.

Takeaway Truth

The Internet offers a lot of free information. Take advantage of this when you find something that fits your needs.

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