Discover Book Junkies Library

If you're always searching for new books and new authors to read, have you discovered Book Junkies Library?

Grace Guera is the guiding force behind Book Junkies Library. When I discovered this great resource website, I began listing my books with them so that readers searching for independently published books might see mine.

I asked Grace to say a few words about Book Junkies Library, and she was kind enough to oblige.

Here's Grace

I’ve been asked how did the Book Junkies Library come to be. Let me just say, it started out as a small pebble that fell out of my hand and is now rolling down a very steep snow-covered mountain gaining momentum.

I have always been a reader and a lover of books. I read almost any genre, and I like to try new things. The need for new reading material drove me to search Facebook for groups that share my same passion. I found the Book Junkies and immediately fell in love with the group’s wit and their determination to help out their fellow author-members.

My original idea was simple, to build a spreadsheet to help organize authors with books needing reviews, I just couldn’t figure out how to post it on Facebook and make it available to the other reader-members. With that said, and the talent of a special friend, the library was born, and it’s still growing. I hope to bring readers to the library to introduce them to independent authors and to help them fall in love as I have.

What A Gal!

Thanks, Grace. I not only enjoy discovering new authors, but also, as an author, I appreciate the opportunity to list my books with Book Junkies Library.

Readers, Grace manually lists your books from the form you submit on the website. That kind of attention to detail is one thing that makes the site so special.

If you are an indie author and want to list your books, visit Book Junkies Library. If you have a question for Grace, email her: Grace at and tell her I said hello.

Takeaway Truth

Support those who support authors and recommend their sites to others.


  1. We can never thank Grace enough for all her efforts in setting up the library. It's very much appreciated Grace.

  2. Chris Longmuir ... I concur, Chris. Thanks for visiting.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  3. Having just published my first e-novel, I am learning just how few opportunities there are to showcase new work from new authors. I listed my book immediately. Thank you so much, Joan, for sharing this. And thank you to Grace for the gift of this site. I love how you put it ... that it was a pebble that fell from your hand!

  4. Barbara Sissel ... Hi, Barbara! Isn't Grace a sweetie for her website? Tell everyone you know!

    Best wishes,