3 Ways To Transfer Big Files

Sometimes you're tasked with sending a big file to someone--like possibly yourself. I do this if I'm at home and want to make a file available on the computer at my Hill Country home. Some of these files might be music or photos or a video I'm attempting to create.

Sure, I could save the files on a backup drive and take that with me to the other house, but there are easier ways you might want to try. If you're collaborating with someone on a project, the following "big file transfer" sites make it much easier.

Here are a 3 websites that can help you accomplish your mission. Most offer multiple tiers of service from Paid to Expensive, which is designed for corporate use mostly. You usually have to register, but that's about it.

If the thought of FTP scares you, then you'll probably love these sites that make transferring files as easy as emailing a photo or massive document files. They all offer online storage/backup plans too. Best of all, they're easy to use.

Send This File

Drop Send

Transfer Big Files

Takeaway Truth

The Internet contains a lot of free resources if you know where to find them.

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