UK Ebook Sales

To my surprise, I've begun to sell quite well in the UK, and so have my BWFs (best writing friends). Therefore, I wasn't surprised by the recent Publishers Association report that revealed about UK ebook growth in 2010 was "staggering."

Stunning Stats

Across all categories, ebook sales across the pond grew by more than 300% over 2009 levels. That's $26 million in dollars or over 16 million in GBP. By end of December 2010, ebooks had captured 6% of the market.

Both adult fiction and nonfiction grew by 300%, but children's and YA grew even more--by over 500%!

These statistics don't include what The Publishers Association calls "consumer reference" digital sales, i.e., dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.).

Takeaway Truth

Digital publishing gives the non-NYT bestselling author a shot at reaching international audiences.


  1. Those British must be really, really thrifty. My 99-cent Regency has made it as high as Number 5 on amazon.UK, but they're hardly buying my more expensive books. I particularly selected the 99-cent one as a good read that would make readers want to get another Cheryl Bolen book as soon as they finished A LADY BY CHANCE. But it's outselling the others better than 10 to 1! They love the 99-cent price across the pond.

  2. Cheryl, just based on anecdotal evidence, I think Regency historicals sell quite well in UK. It will probably take a while to get "known" over there, but once you do, you should sell well.

    Actually, I just raised my prices a bit and seem to be selling better, but no where near the volume Cynthia Wicklund is doing.

    You might try lowering your prices over there for a period of time, then increase them when you feel you have a loyal following.