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If you read to the bottom of my blog posts this week, you've probably seen my PayPal Donate button. One of my readers said my advice was worth its weight in gold. He suggested I put a Donate button up so I did.

I'm game to try just about anything that's not illegal or immoral--or maybe not too immoral. After all, to paraphrase Mae West, once we were all as white as snow, but we drifted.

So I went looking for this PayPal button, but even more importantly, instructions from someone who knew how to put it on a blog.

My Google search led me to great step by step instructions at DipInIt, some guys who are my new online buddies. Click their name, go there, and follow their incredibly easy process.


I wanted the flexibility of putting the Donate button on some posts. I didn't want it slapped on everything because I know that not everything I write is of earth-shaking importance or relevant to a writer's search for success.

In the Comments form after that blog post, I asked them how to put it on some posts but not install it in the HTML where it would appear on all. Much to my surprise, they answered promptly. How refreshing!

The answer is you just copy the PayPal code, save it somewhere (I have mine in a Flashnote on my desktop), and then paste it when you want it to appear. Easy-peasy.

I put a button in my sidebar, easy to do as a Blogger Gadget. (DipInIt explains how to do this if you don't know.) My sidebar button is fairly invisible because there's so much other competing things on my sidebars now. Guess I need to de-clutter, but all the stuff that's there is important so which do I cut? Decisions, decisions.

Now, I'll stick the Donate Button after this post. Visit DipInIt for other Tips & Tricks. You'll learn something new with each visit. Tell them Joan sent you!

Takeaway Truth

The Internet has a wealth of information out there if you just know where to look. When you find something of value, bookmark it and tell others.

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