Do Computers Still Need Defragging?

My husband faithfully defrags his computer every week. I try to emulate his computer maintenance habits, but a lot of people ignore doing this. They seem to think that was something you did when computers ran DOS or an early version of Windows.

The Truth

Defragmenting your computer system, or defragging as everyone says, is a habit everyone should acquire because it will keep your computer running at peak performance. Defragging regularly will keep your PC from picking up those bad habits like running slow and snail’s pace performance.

What defragmenting does is to analyze your hard drive and reorganize the files it finds so they can be accessed faster. It’s easy to do, and the software tool used to do this is part of the Windows package. Just open Disk Defrag and select your options and click run.

Takeaway Truth

A well-maintained computer will perform better and generally last longer.


  1. Joan not only should you defrag your computer but also free the disc space, plus do a disc check. It will all help to keep your favourite machine running to perfection. You might want to do a complete virus scan as well.

  2. Terry, thanks for the tips. Now I don't have to post about scandisk. *g*

    Virus scan? Doesn't everyone have security software working in the background that scans whenever the computer isn't in use for X amount of time as well as regularly scheduled full system scans?

    If not, get on board people! They system you save may be your own.

    Best wishes,