Computer Security 2 Step

There are a couple of things that should be the foundation for maintaining the security of your computer. They’re easy to do, and they don’t cost very much.

Basic 2 Steps

1. When you purchase a software product, always register it so you’ll get the updates when they come out. Then do the update! It’s amazing how many people don’t bother with this. The software company should be reputable and not some malware producer so you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of the update. Just set it to automatically download and install, and there is no bother.

Why do this? Software updates are of two types: improvements to the original app and patches to plug security holes that hackers can find. So update to keep your product and your computer itself safe. Besides, up to date software makes your PC run at peak performance, but out of date apps will actually slow your performance.

2. Use a security software product. Most computers come with McAfee or Norton. If you don’t want to pay the annual subscription renewal, then use one of the free softwares you can find online. There are some good ones. If you want to pay, but don’t want the hefty annual subscription, try Sunbelt Software’s VIPRE product. That’s what I run on my laptop. You can get a site license to cover every PC in your home for less than the renewal on one of the majors.

Then use the security software to monitor your email, attachments, and website activity as you cruise the net.

Takeaway Truth

A little prevention is worth hundreds of dollars in cure.

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