Comedienne Carrie Snow said: "Technology... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other."

For all of us who were stabbed in the back this past week by technology, I hope your wounds are healing. Blogger went down and took posts from Wednesday through Friday to the cyber Bermuda Triangle. Hotmail was down. Comcast was out in a great part of the country. People were saying they got viruses on Facebook.

All this made us want to weep and wail and tear our hair out by the roots. Fortunately, most of us abstained from that. We just griped online and complained to friends and family.

Last night, I noticed Blogger had restored my posts and even my scheduled posts. Of course, I'd had to recreate the guest blog by Jason Matthews, a keyword expert, which had been scheduled for early Friday morning. Many of you checked back and found his post that published around 12:30pm CDT. The Link Love post from Wednesday showed up again too.

Takeaway Truth

The one great truth about life on which we can all agree, regardless of your socio-economic status, ethnicity, or culture, is expressed by a bumper sticker: "Sh*t happens."

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