Sharing Link Love

Let's share some Link Love today. I'm late with this because I'm suffering frequent power outages today.

Building Worlds

My friend Donna Maloy has started a new blog Building Worlds. Like her blog says: "with real or imagined history, new worlds and plants, magical and mythical creatures, real science, and fantasy," if you want to build a fictional world, Donna and her guests can show you how.

This week and next, her guest is my good friend Cheryl Bolen, the acclaimed author of eight Regency-set historical novels published by Harlequin Historical and Zebra. Cheryl possesses a wealth of knowledge about Regency society.

Writing 101

Another friend Grace Kone has started Grace's Mosaic Moments and is giving lots of good advice on Writing 101 for those new to writing. So if you're looking for some basic information about this writing biz, visit her blog.

Don't miss Jason Matthews tomorrow on SlingWords. I call him my friendly Google guru. He'll tell us how authors can use keywords to drive traffic to their websites and book URLs.

Takeaway Truth

When you know of a good website, pass the info around. Pay it forward.

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