Read It Later

Here's something to make your life easier.

If you're like me, you browse a lot and find so much to read. Do you print it and stack it thus wasting paper? Do you bookmark it and never remember to go back and find it to read?

Sure you can put it in Google Reader, subscribe to the RSS feed, but chances are you never have time to get to it.

There's an easier way. I discovered a way to easily save and retrieve something for later reading without accumulating scores of bookmarks you don't recognize.

Read It Later

Firefox has an Extension or Add On that runs in the background. I use one called Read It Later. A little icon that looks like a sideways chevron resides in the address bar. When you're on a website page you want to read, just click that icon. It changes to a check mark and adds the url to your reading list.

When you want to read the article, just click on the other icon at the far right end of the address bar. It too looks like a sideways chevron, just bigger and gold in color. When you mouse over it, the words Read Something pop up. Simply click and scroll through the list until you find what you want to read.

It's very easy to download the Firefox Extension Read It Later and easy to use.

Takeaway Truth

There are many apps that make your computing life easier, and most are free.

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