Mixed Genre Writing Class

If you want to learn to make a paella, that delicious blend of so many disparate ingredients, you go to a cooking pro – a chef.

If you want to learn how to mix genres in fiction, then go to a writing pro – bestselling author and writing teacher Elaine Raco Chase.

Popular writing teacher Elaine Chase is teaching Mixed Genres this time around because so many of her former students are throwing in everything into their fiction but the kitchen sink. Wisely deciding that the best course of action is to teach them how to do that with panache, Elaine scheduled Mixed Genre Writing Class to run from May 13 - June 24th.

Lessons and information will be sent out every Friday to those enrolled so they have the weekend to do the work.

Cost: $75

Iincludes a 5-page critique on whatever you'd like to have critiqued. If it is a book, it must be the first 5 pages. If she likes what she sees, she will ask to see more.

Curriculum -- In Elaine's Own Words


Yes, that pesky mini-course on creating compelling characters, with a slant on mystery / thriller / suspense characterizations. Why do people get involved if they are not being paid to, i.e., amateur sleuth (She wrote a book on that!), lawyer, soccer mom, etc. It is important to make it logical.

(For those of you who were in my last Miami-Dade College class, wait until you see how my  lawyer/PI, and, of course, Tucker have undergone changes, plus more, and stronger, secondary characters and a total change in plot!)


I feel that, between characters and plot, there should be an even split in writing the mixed genre book known as mystery/thriller/suspense/horror. Plotting takes a slight lead.

How to lay it out, introduce suspects, lay out clues, time span, red herrings, watson's, etc. Linear plots/inverted plots. Damn! There has to be a strong plot!


Means/opportunity/motive, and you cannot get it all from watching CSI! But for right now you should start tuning in to the following TV programs: CSI (80% is real), The First 48 Hours (this is very real), Justified (just because it's so great). If you are watching, didn't you love the show with the bank robbers where Raylan says: "I'm from Harlan County, and I know the difference between dynamite and road flares." Then he clobbers the wired robber.) Catch up with The Closer and Castle too.

Scene + Settings + Description

How to make the reader get those goosebumps/chills/lock all the doors and maybe even sit reading with a baseball bat!


No you cannot just type straight from your brain!

The 5 W's + How

The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of it all.

Your Questions

Of course, I'll answer anything else you may have questions about.

How To Sign Up

Send me an email: elaineracochase at gmail dot com .

In the email let me know if there are any other writing issues that you need addressed. I'll send you instructions on how to make payment and get set up for the class.

Takeaway Truth

When taking a writing class, make sure the instructor has been where you want to go.

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