Celebrate eBook Week

Unless you're hiding in a cave, you probably know that this is eBook Week, officially running from March 6 - 12.

You may be surprised to learn that the first ebook was published in 1971, 40 years ago, by Michael S. Hart.

Mr. Hart published the Declaration of Independence, and, as you may know, went on to create Project Gutenberg which has produced 40,000 free titles.

Visit Read an eBook

Visit the official website of Read An eBook Week to see a list of community partners offering free ebooks as well as contests where you can win free ebook readers like the Nook and Kobo.

Many authors are offering free ebooks and discounted ebooks to celebrate the week so check their websites.

You can also enter "ebook week free offers" in your favorite search engine to get a list of other websites and their offers.

I love the ease of shopping and purchasing books with my Kindle, and the ability to carry around dozens of books in the little device. I can read anytime, anywhere. An ereader isn't a way to kill books. It's an adjunct to books that makes it possible to read in a way that's more convenient than paper books a lot of the time.

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Takeaway Truth

With the advent of consumer friendly ebook reading devices, ebooks have really taken off. This aspect of book publishing will continue to grow so embrace it and read on!


  1. hi Joan! Interesting tid bit on the first ebook. I got my ebooks up this week too with Smashwords ebook week, its on my blog if your interested in 50% off. Have a great week buying and reading and writing.

  2. Hey, Jacqueline!

    If I hadn't been away this past weekend, I'd have sent feelers out for the authors with specials. As it was though, ebook week sneaked up on me!

    Hope readers will take advantage of your 50% off.