3 Twitter Resources

Though I'm on Twitter, I haven't had a big presence there, but I plan to change that. If you're like me, and just haven't had much time to use Twitter, here are 3 Resources to help you.

1. Feed your blog to Twitter so you'll always have Tweets posting. Twitterfeed does that for you.

It's easy. You just register and fill in the necessary information to set your blog up to feed your Twitter account.

2. Twitter Account Management with ManageFlitter.

This app will help you manage who you follow by showing you who isn't following you back. You can find out which inactive accounts you follow and search inside your Twitter stream.

3. Here's a resource of Twitter Applications so you can find even more apps to help you.

Takeaway Truth

There's so much social networking sites available, but they can be a huge time suck. Take advantage of applications that ease the burden of updating your social sites.

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  1. I only read Twitter, never say anything. I do like Steve Martin and Joan Rivers remarks.