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Monday here at Sling Words is slow. Maybe because yesterday was the Super Bowl. I must say the game ended up being a lot more exciting than I'd expected. Though I didn't have an emotional investment in either team, I found myself rooting for the Packers.

I spent today wrapping up some loose ends from January and diving into February's work. One of those February projects was to finish the update of my website.


Changes were made to each page -- new writer promotion products in The WRITE Way ads, links checked, some of my new book covers featured -- but you'll be especially interested in the new feature articles. Here's the Cliff Notes version of the update.

  • interview with author Jacqueline Seewald appears on Running With Words 
  • the newsletter has an entertainment piece entitled Me, Merlot, and Mr. Hottie: A Tale of Aliens and New Mexico Wine 
  • also in Wordplay, the subscription newsletter, is an article for writers Writing for Beginners & Pros: 5 Ways to Educate and Entertain
Takeaway Truth

Drop by for a visit any time.

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