Video Promotion 101

A lot of authors and regular business people are using videos to promote a name, product, or company. Of course, I'm assuming you have already uploaded the video to YouTube (since I told you yesterday about 3 apps to help you do this) and other public websites that host video clips.

What else can you do to expose your video to the world? Here are some thoughts on the subject.

Spread Link Around

1. Place a link or clip on your personal social networking page.

2. Place a link or clip on your website and your blog.

3. Place a link in your signature file for emails.

4. Place a link in your signature for groups and forums to which you belong.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? If you've made hard copies of your video, don't hesitate to pass them out. A lot of people still use CDs and DVDs. A jewel case of blanks is cheap. Here are some places to send the DVD/CD.

1. Include a disc in your press kit.

2. If you're donating items to a conference, include discs of your video.

3. If you're pitching yourself as a speaker, include a disc to the person who books engagements.

4. If you're doing a personal appearance (speech, workshop, book signing, etc.) bring some discs to pass out.

Takeaway Truth

Try these new promotional tools and find what works for you.

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